Fortress Pilings are an excellent choice for a wide variaty of applications including dock and pier pilings, boat lifts, seawall support pilings, fenders, foundational piles for general construction and more. Fortress Pilings will stand the test of time with only a modest increase in the overall project cost.

Recent Installations
  • An excellent choice for a boat lift.

  • The Riverwalk in Stuart, FL. Fortress Pilings were chosen for their appearance, ease of installation and low impact on the environment. Plus, they will never rot like many of the wooden piles in the area.

  • A rainy day on the Stuart, FL Riverwalk. Look closely at the wooden piles in the background and you will see what the city was trying to avoid by using Fortress Pilings.

  • To save on demo costs, Fortress Piliings were slipped over the existing piles and driven to the required depth.

  • If you were chosing a piling for a channel marker, wouldn't you want one that is environmentally friendly, unaffected by the elements, impervious to rot or wood boring insects, light weight, and easy to handle and install?

  • It is hard to do but if you can take your eyes off the boat you will notice the composite decking and contrasting Fortress Pilings look great together.

  • In tidal areas where shipworms and boring insects are prevalent, Fortress Pilings are a great option. Unlike traditional wooden piles, Fortress Piles are unaffected by worms/insects and will never rot.