About Us

Fortress Pilings was founded back in 2008 and is a sister company of Centek Industries, the premier designer and manufacturer of marine exhaust systems. So what do composite piles have to do with marine exhaust? Actually, quite a bit. Because every exhaust system has some sort of fiberglass tube as an integral part, Centek produces miles of tubing each month. Our manufacturing team had the expertise and our plant had the capacity - all we needed was some expert help in designing "tubes" that could be used as an alternative to traditional pilings made from wood, steel or concrete. 

Fortunately, there is a little school in Georgia affectionately know as The North Avenue Trade School. Better known, perhaps, as Georgia Tech. After a year and a half of development and extensive testing under the guidance and direction of a world renowned expert in structural composites at Georgia Tech's School of Civil Engineering, Fortress Pilings was born. Fortress Pilings is a classic example of what happens when a group of people put their heads together to come up with an answer to the age old statement "there has to be a better way...what if we...." Fortress Pilings is a better way. 

Sure, there are other composite piles on the market but ours are truly unique. We hope you will take some time to poke around our website and find out what makes us different. Or, please call us or email any questions you might have. Who knows, we might even brag about our ISO Certification or the fact that Centek has been the world wide leader in marine exhaust for over 55 years. Well, on second thought, maybe we will leave all that out and just talk about pilings.

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